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Community Events

Yealm Community Energy has run a number of community engagement events in connection with our plans to bring two solar farms into community ownership. We have helped with public open days for both sites and run a stall at Yealmpton Show every year where we enjoy meeting local supporters.

Future plans include organising guided visits to the solar farm for members, when you can learn about the technology, the variety of wildlife and environmental protection measures at the site.

Other images were taken during the construction of Newton Downs. The site was constructed in December 2017 by Good Energy with Solar Century as the main contractor.  The video shows how the panels were installed on piles that can be removed at the end of the life of the project.






Some solar energy facts

  • In an average year, incident solar energy in South Devon  is the highest in the UK.
  • Solar farms that are hidden from public view, are located on land of lower agricultural value can still be used to graze sheep and to encourage wildlife and wild flowers.  They are actually better for biodiversity than normal mono-cropping farming.
  • The total area of land in the UK under solar farms is less than 0.1% of agricultural land.

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