Solar Farm Acquisition on behalf of the community

YCE Ltd negotiates the purchase of suitable solar farms on behalf of the community and announces an opportunity, initially to existing members, to purchase shares.  Shares  pay typically 5% interest rate per year and are redeemable.

Members will be sent copies of the investment prospectus as soon as it is available,  If you are not already a member please complete the application for membership here: Membership Application Form.  The nominal membership fee is £1.

You can read some general guidance for investors in our Frequently Asked Questions document.

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Current Projects

Newton Downs

The solar farm is located out of site of any public road or footpath at Newton Downs Farm.  It was built by Good Energy with the understanding that it would be offered for sale to Yealm Community Energy (YCE).  It has been feeding electricity into the grid since January 2017.  It was bought on our behalf by the Community Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) fund, and YCE is now part owner, and will be offering shares to local investors towards the end of 2018.  Read More

 Creacombe Solar Farm

The 7.3 MW solar farm at Creacombe is planned to be built by 2021.  It will be possibly the first community solar farm in the country to be built to operate without subsidy.

Covering a total area of 27 acres, the site is very well screened, encompassing three gently sloping fields surrounded by mature hedgerows so that it can barely be seen from local viewpoints.

The site reflects YCE’s commitment to developing projects on low-grade land, continued agricultural use, and biodiversity enhancement. The grade 3b land will be grazed by sheep under and around the solar panels in autumn and winter.  Read More

Join us in local ownership of our energy resources.

Set the scene for future generations.