Based in South Devon, YCE is a non-profit social enterprise, run by local people, doing things differently. We are offering the opportunity to invest in locally-generated clean electricity with profits going into a community fund to support environmental and social projects in the parishes bordering the Yealm estuary: Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo, Holbeton, Yealmpton, Brixton and Wembury.

Households in the Yealm area pay around £7 million per year to outside energy suppliers, representing about 5% of earned income. This money leaves the local economy and benefits large commercial companies. Taking ownership of local clean energy generation will retain the profits within the community and promote our long term sustainability. 

Sir Gary Streeter, local MP said on a recent visit to Creacombe Solar Farm “Creacombe is a bold and pioneering project that can lead the way for a real step-change in the UK.

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The Clean Energy REvolution.
Be part of it! 

What we do

We take ownership of well designed and managed solar farms in the area on behalf of the community and use the profits for local environmental and social projects. We will be offering the opportunity to invest, with priority for local people living in the Yealm area, Devon and the SouthWest.

We are a Community Benefit Society, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our clean energy projects

Our first community project is an existing solar farm at Newton Downs. We are part-owners and will be raising debt and equity finance over the next three years to take full community ownership. We will be launching our first share offer shortly. Priority will be given to local investors in the Yealm area, Devon and the SouthWest, but we will also welcome investment from across the UK.  See Investing in Solar Farms for more details.

A second community solar farm of 7.3MW, producing energy equivalent to 2,500 homes, has been built at Creacombe, on the borders of Yealmpton and Holbeton and has come on stream at the end of December 2019. 

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Our aims


Generating clean energy. Benefiting our community.

We want to:

  • Enable the local and wider community to share in the ownership of local and renewable low carbon electricity/heat generation projects
  • Generate funds for projects which help the local community reduce its energy use and reliance on fossil fuels
  • Support educational and other community activities which promote awareness of energy and environmental issues
  • Lead to a long term improvement in overall environmental sustainability in the local community
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Why community energy

While large numbers of solar farms have now been built around the country, most are owned by large investment funds for the benefit of remote shareholders with little accountability to the local community. They make little effort to manage the biodiversity of the sites or to engage with local people. Community ownership retains the profits locally for the benefit of the area while ensuring that the site enhances biodiversity and can be used to educate people about clean energy.

Solar farms that are well designed, well located and well managed can have minimal visual impact and can improve the ecology of the land where they are sited. We support the code of practice for siting and management of solar farms agreed by the National Farmers’ Union.