Yealm Community Energy Ltd (YCE) is a Community Benefit Society, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.  We aim  to provide clean electricity, and to channel all profits into funds for community projects for the residents of the parishes bordering the Yealm estuary – Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo, Holbeton, Yealmpton, Brixton and Wembury.

Households in the Yealm area have been paying around £7 million per year to outside suppliers for electricity and gas, representing about 5% of earned income.  This money leaves the local economy, and benefits large energy companies..   Ownership of local clean energy generation will retain the profits within the community.

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The Clean Energy REvolution.
Be part of it! 

What we do

We take ownership of well designed and managed solar farms in the area on behalf of the community and use the profits for local environmental and social projects

Our Clean Energy Projects

We are currently part owners of the 5 megawatt solar farm at Newton Downs and will be raising debt and equity finance over the next three years to take full ownership.  We will be making a share offer, with priority to local investors at the end of 2018 and will be offering an interest rate of 5%.  See Invest for more details.

A second, 7.3 megawatt project is planned at Creacombe, on the borders of Yealmpton and Holbeton.  We hope to take ownership from the developer and landowner once it is built.  It will be one of the first community solar farms with no subsidy, so that it will demonstrate that solar power can be competitive with centralised fossil fuel generation.

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YCE’s aims are to:

  • Enable the local and wider community to share in the ownership of local and renewable low carbon electricity/heat generation projects;
  • Generate funds for community renewable energy generation and energy efficiency initiatives in the local community;
  • Provide funding for further community renewable and low carbon energy initiatives in the Local Community;
  • Support educational and other community activities which promote awareness of energy and environmental issues.
  • Support projects that will improve environmental sustainability in the local community.
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Why Community Energy

Many solar farms have been built around the country, but are owned by large investment funds, which have no contact or accountability to the local community.  And they make little if any effort to manage the biodiversity of the site or to interest local children and adults.  Community ownership retains the profits locally for the benefit of the area and ensures that the site actually enhances biodiversity and can be used for education about clean energy.

icon solar panel - Home 1Solar Farms, well designed, well located and well managed can have minimal visual impact and can enhance the biodiversity of the land where they are sited.  We support the code of practice for siting and management of solar farms agreed by the National Farmers’ Union.

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The Rules of our Community Benefit Society can be found YCE Ltd Rules FINAL.

The board of directors is drawn from the membership.  We would welcome expressions of interest from anyone interested in either joining the board or contributing their skills.  We are particularly keen to build our capabilities in marketing, financial management and commercial law.

The profiles of the current board of directors can be found here: YCE Board Profiles.


The Society is owned by its Members.   Membership is open to all for the minimum fee of £1. They can vote at general meetings (one vote per member) and are eligible to be selected for the board and for the trustees of the Community Funds.  In addition events will be organized for members, such as site visits to the solar farm, briefings on activities and projects (e.g. the planned data monitoring of local electricity flows).  Investors in solar farm projects are automatically members.

You can join as a Member or as a non-voting supporter by filling the sign-up form here..

Some FAQs :

Some information for potential investors is provided below as a guide.  Note that this information should not be used to decide whether to invest.  A detailed investment prospectus will be issued prior to any share offer that will provide legally valid information for investors, outlining the risks and terms and conditions of the share offer.



Be part of the clean energy transition

The UK’s electricity grid is changing as local generation from renewable sources is added.  Electricity no longer comes only from large centralised power stations.  See where your electricity is coming from today.

Latest news

Yealm Community Energy Ltd is now part owner of the Newton Downs solar farm, together with CORE  Partners- Community Owned Renewable Energy LLP.  We will be raising debt finance, and equity from a public share offer around the end of 2018.  Join us as a supporter or society member to be kept informed of ivestment opportunities.