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Transforming ideas into green energy

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Ownership of Community Solar Farms

We acquire ownership of solar farms in the Yealm Estuary area with the purpose of generating clean and renewable energy and using financial surpluses for the benefit of the local community.


Innovative Financing with CORE

We work and collaborate with 4 other Community Energy organisations around the country, in the Community Energy Together (CET) partnership to secure affordable finance and mutual support for solar projects.


Clean Energy Generation

Our farms get to work harnessing solar power for clean electricity, reducing carbon emissions, and providing sustainable energy.


Funding Local Initiatives

Through its Community Benefit Fund,  the financial surpluses fund a variety of local projects aligned with the Society's goals, including low-carbon, educational, and ecological initiatives.


Community Equity Investment

We have raised £500,000 in community equity to enable the solar farms to be brought into local ownership for the benefit of the community.

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Delivering positive change for local communities

Our aims go further than to provide sustainable, clean energy using solar farms. We donate all of our surplus to local good causes. From supporting other green initiatives to improving vital community assets, we’re helping to make lives better for local people.


homes powered by our solar farms which reduces carbon emission


metric tons of CO2 saved being released into the atmosphere per year


surplus reinvested to date into the community to support local projects and causes


projects funded throughout our South Devon community, so that we can all benefit from the local clean energy

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We launched a community share offer in 2023 to fund the transfer of three nearby operational solar farms into community ownership. The offer is now closed.

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