Our projects

Creating local green energy

Together, we’re powering a sustainable future while funding environmental and low carbon projects for our community.

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Energy driven by purpose

All our work is driven by our core values. They are the principles behind all our actions.


Fueled by our belief in unity, we empower local communities by facilitating clean energy ownership and creating shared benefits.

Sustainability Committed

With an unwavering dedication, we cultivate sustainable practices, ensuring our solar farms positively impact both the environment and future generations.


Rooted in action, we strive to make a tangible difference, channeling profits to support local initiatives that enhance lives and landscapes.

Green Energy Advocates

We're dedicated to pioneering green energy solutions, guiding the transition towards renewable sources that drive lasting change.

Get involved

We launched a community share offer in 2023 to fund the transfer of three nearby operational solar farms into community ownership. The offer is now closed.

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