Your investment mattered

Thank you to all who invested in a cleaner, fairer, greener future 

The share offer has now closed. Thanks to all those who invested and who will now be investment members of YCE. Ethex will inform you about the next steps.

Our recent share offer

Our share offer closed on 10 November 2023, having raised almost £500,000. Sincere thanks to all who invested. Your contributions have enabled us to proceed with the purchase of the solar farms.

How does this benefit you?

We invested in local solar farms to provide clean energy for the next 25 years. Our local community group has taken control of local renewable energy generation. All profits go back into the local community, funding environmental and social projects.

Investors receive a projected annual 6% return on investment

Every £1 invested will result in £10 of community benefit

The projects are projected to provide £8M in community benefits over the life of the solar farms

They will contribute to Devon’s 2050 net zero target

YCE's share offer has closed.

We’ve listed our most frequently asked questions here. If you need any more information, please contact us.