Our History

Yealm Community Energy was registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a member-owned Community Benefit Society in July 2015. It was established to bring local renewable energy installations such as solar farms into community ownership.

Following surveys of potential sites in the local area with low environmental and visual impact, we identified two solar farms suitable to bring into community ownership. Both sites are now fully operational and profits are being donated to fund local environmental projects, a huge benefit to the local parishes. 

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The Rules of our Community Benefit Society are currently being revised following agreement by the Members, and will be posted once approved by FCA.  The original Rules can be found here:

YCE Ltd Rules FINAL.

The board of directors is drawn from our members. We welcome expressions of interest from anyone interested in either joining the board or contributing their skills. We are particularly keen to build our capabilities in marketing, financial management and commercial law.

The profiles of the current board of directors and advisers can be found here: YCE Board and Adviser Profiles.

The full set of the policies that underpin our governance including codes of conduct, environmental, financial etc can be found here


The Society is owned by its Members. Membership is open to all for the minimum fee of £1. They can vote at general meetings (one vote per member) and are eligible to be selected for the board and for the trustees of the Community Funds. Member events will include site visits to the solar farm and briefings on activities and projects (e.g. the planned data monitoring of local electricity flows). Investors in solar farms  are automatically members.

You can join as a Member or as a non-voting supporter by filling the sign-up form here.

Our electricity comes from the sun

We are currently hoping to put into community ownership Newton Downs solar farm and will be raising money to take complete ownership over the next 12-18 months.

The second solar farm at Creacombe, has now been commissioned and is fully operational. With this second project built, solar power within the five parishes will be generating electricity equivalent to the consumption of our 10,000 residents every year.

Become part of the clean energy revolution happening on your doorstep.

Be part of the clean energy revolution

Investing in Yealm Community Energy’s solar farms will give you a fair return on investment as well as contributing to future self-sufficiency in energy in the Yealm area for coming generations.

Join as a supporter to be kept informed of investment opportunities.

We hope to add battery storage eventually that will aid at peak times of demand.

Our Partners

We are very grateful for support received from Communities for Renewables (CfR); Community Owned Renewable Energy (CORE Partners), which is backed by Power to Change and Big Society Capital; REGEN; Community Energy England and the SouthWest Devon Community Energy Partnership.

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